OCTO – Driving Digital Transformation

Experiential, Advertising, Literature, Digital Assets

Client: OCTO


Octo provide telematics solutions to the insurance industry with the use of smart devices. Their analytics capability, collecting and processing data on how people drive their cars, allows the management of insurance risk profiling. We were asked to enhance Octo’s brand consistency and presence, whilst keeping it fresh and relevant.


We set out to develop a range of communications to support Octo product launches, promotional material and experiential marketing. We ended up developing a branding framework through which we can now introduce all of Octo future products. Working directly with the management team, we created a strong series of design solutions with distinct imagery, memorable copywriting and striking colours that ensured they were visible and stood-out in the market place.

The Octo U app automatically detects your everyday driving and converts your driving results into insurance discounts, loyalty points, fuel points and promotions. We designed a visual look that was applied across an exhibition stand, digital assets, signage, uniforms and large format posters at the Silvertone MotoGP. The overall result created a real sense of ownership.

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