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Client: Assoc. of Learned and Professional Society Publishers


The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) is the largest trade association supporting scholarly and professional publishers. Founded in 1972, it has 300 members in 30 countries around the world.

Almost 50 years in with member numbers healthy, the desire was to be more agile and polished, but the current brand identity was not doing justice to the great work they were doing or the overall experience they delivered.


Working with the team and the board we began by addressing one of the challenges many organisations face: being able to define those qualities that are often seen as ‘just the way we do things’ but are often the very traits that make them special and different from other organisations.

The brand identity was refreshed to create a more confident, consistent and streamlined mark. Building on the past heritage of the organisation, the evolution involved creating an iconic ‘A’ symbol that is more powerful online and offline. Accompanied by a fresh green colour palette the result is a more uplifting approach.

The brand can speak with a message and tone that is more focused and resonates highly with our members.

“The Mighty team worked very collaboratively bringing their great creative thinking as well as the top-quality execution and attention to the details. The results go far beyond the expectations of the initial brief.”


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