Lauren Watson textiles designer

Luxury and fashion are both industries that move fast, but in the past ten years they have probably been moving faster than ever. Luxury is moving from a focus on high value to a desire for true value, with crafted, authentic experiences trumping the more conspicuous excesses of the past.

Lauren Watson’s fabric designs are a direct interpretation of endless combinations of colours, blends and surfaces coming together – the vibrancy of unusual colour combinations; the layer upon layer of naturally occurring textures; the natural mixing, blending and bleeding of shades.

In 2016, Lauren asked Mighty to develop a new identity and CMS website. We focused on the fine detail that is usually overlooked. We highlighted the connoisseurship of every element of the art and brought a new perspective on luxury with crisp copy, clear facts and pin-sharp photographs, to tell the story of the brand through the material itself.