Dotty about DLG

Mighty have redesigned the Data Locator Group plc (DLG) brand identity and created a dynamic new website for the UK’s largest provider of consumer lifestyle data

Changing coloured ‘data dots’ bounce around the screen to create the key communication messages. This ever-changing pattern works across all DLG’s marketing collateral.

Frontline First deliver to No.11

Mighty designed the Frontline First campaign for the Royal College of Nursing and nurses Salma Bilkis (left) and Lee Thomas delivered the petition to No.11 Downing Street to urge Mr Osborne not to cut NHS services.

Mighty are MemCom Award winners!

Mighty win award for the Royal College of Nursing Student CD Rom in at the 2010 MemCom Awards.

With a membership of over 400,000, the Royal College of Nursing is the largest professional association and union of nursing staff in the UK.

The ‘Student CD’ was designed as part of an overall Royal College of Nursing (RCN) marketing objective to recruit and retain student nurse members at a level of 39% of overall market share between 2009 – 2013. This was the second instance of a CD being used to deliver resource information to new student members within the RCN. In the past most of the materials were printed and not necessarily student-specific.

The CD was designed to allow students access to content so it could be used as a point of reference for many RCN services. The use of bold colours, arrows, retro images and animated transitions allowed for a quirky feel that would appeal to our target audience.

The main objective for producing the CD was to offer a recruitment incentive that was cost effective and educational, and which would act as a catalyst for immediate engagement with membership. We also offer a nursing dictionary as an incentive alongside the CD, which highlights our educational offer.

The CD was developed both to provide something free for new joiners to take away, but also to provide an educational resource which will encourage users to visit the RCN website and make use of the services available.

The brief for the CD design was to stay within overall RCN branding guidelines, yet be flexible enough to appeal to the student market and introduce them to the RCN brand.

The concept of the CD is the ‘RCN Town’ and each area of the RCN has been allocated a “building” within that town – for example, the library, cinema, newsagent, etc. The home page of the CD is an interactive map which the user clicks on
to travel between buildings.

A character is chosen to travel along the roads on the map and given a name. This is to appeal to the “Wii-generation” and brings a sense of familiarity to the CD. Once the user has chosen their character, it appears on each page of the CD.

This is a highly competitive market and students are aggressively marketed to by competitors; incentives to join are often more about simply providing something for free rather than about resource delivery and engagement. The CD was developed both to provide something free for new joiners to take away, but also to provide an educational resource which will encourage users to visit the RCN website and make use of the services available.

Unashamedly more ambitious

What’s the story then? Chances are you already know us as Robson Crome. That’s changed, but more of that later. We have been around since 2001, helping clients improve the way they communicate with all kinds of audiences. In that time we’ve produced pretty much everything. Graphics for print and digital channels, environmental graphics, brand identities, campaigns… you name it. Who for? Big name brands and small niche businesses across a range of public and private sectors. When it comes to helping create and develop brands, we’ve certainly made a name for ourselves. And now we’ve made a completely new name for ourselves.

Yes, it’s out with Robson Crome, and in with Mighty. Basically it’s a fresh start. Having helped dozens of other organisations reinvent or reenergise themselves, we’ve consolidated the strengths and dynamism of Robson Crome and take our design services to the next level. The new name signifies our growth in confidence and a new culture. Mighty is unashamedly more ambitious. But still with the passion, flair and personal touch that clients love and which got us here in the first place. We’re still great listeners. We still love what we do. We still get results that put smiles on faces. But Mighty will be pushing the boundaries a little bit more to improve the way we exchange ideas and come up with innovative, strategic and targeted messages that will engage people and win them over. We think nothing dates quicker than a style and nothing dates slower than a great idea.

At Mighty, you’ll find we have a keen appreciation of your business and your budget. Not only do we love finding compellingly simple solutions. We love a challenge. It’s time we heard about your company so get in touch, tell us what you’d like to achieve, and let’s work together.