Katie’s week at Mighty

This week we welcomed Katie to the team for some work experience. We asked her to tell us how it went.

During the week here at Mighty I have been getting some kind of idea how an agency works with its clients. It has definitely been an interesting experience learning about what these guys do and how they help other companies products or services through their websites. In the week I met several great people who were more than helpful and very friendly, at the same time I also learnt part of what they do at Mighty and how it all works. A big thanks to Chris and Tel for helping me through the first couple of days!

While I was here it felt great to be in such a relaxed environment, the fact that everyone works at their own discretion is very different to any other business I have been in which usually includes a strict routine with little variation in their pattern. It was a fascinating experience for me here and I enjoyed every moment of it (Yes, even the work for Twickenham’s finest!).

To sum up, I’ve had a fantastic time here at Mighty and met a lot of great people too. I hope Mighty stays a great place to work with it’s thriving social side and that they all do well in future endeavours.


Cheerio Katie. You were a great addition to the team!

Wanted: web developer

Mighty’s digital team needs a talented middle weight web developer to help out with increasing workloads on a broad range of projects.

Have you got experience with WordPress plugin and theme development, know your way around PHP 5+, MySQL, JavaScript (inc. JQuery) and hand coding sites into HTML and CSS is second nature to you?

Have you got your finger on the pulse of emerging web technologies and aren’t afraid to tell us about them? You may also be a Mac/Linux User, may have some knowledge of the Unix Command Line and understand the benefits of using version control software like Subversion.

So, if you have a desire to be part of a growing team we’ve got the projects and we want to hear from you.

To apply please email: team@mightyagency.com