Forming a new College of General Dentistry

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) is in the process of forming a new College of General Dentistry. As part of Mighty’s work with the Faculty we have designed a new identity and visual environment that will build on ambitious plans to elevate dentistry to Royal Charter status, and therefore, equal standing of other medical professions.

Raising the roof

A new identity and website by Mighty for bespoke privately owned company Kensington Property Group. Designers and builders of exceptional properties in London and the adjoining home counties. Visit

Extraordinary connections

Rescisco Global is a new recruitment company specialising in the Converging Technology industry. Rescisco Global exists to inspire, excite and challenge thinking in recruitment solutions. As a result they help to identify specific individual needs and provide mutually beneficial conclusions.

With such a strong purpose for the business, they felt they needed a brand identity that was relevant and distinctive. That would help to tell their story, stand out in their field, and appeal to both the clients and candidates.

Mighty created a big, bold logo and brand environment of lines and shapes highlighted by striking colours, capturing the vibrancy of the company and its expanding network. Whilst the dynamic and ever-changing ‘R’ element within the logo emphasises the experimental nature at the heart of the organisation.



Powerful Local Government branding

After a creative pitch, Mighty have designed a powerful visual identity for Local Government Association initiative DevoNext.

What was immediately clear about DevoNext was that it acted as something of a bridge between councils and the community. Encourage local debate, generate wider scrutiny of the whole devolution process and an attempt to unblock some of those frustrations and debate some of those concerns.devonext

New name, new identity, new markets

Started in 2014, Onyourbed is a luxury dog bed manufacturer. Two years later they have developed a growing range of luxury dog beds, all of which have been rigorously tested by their discerning Onyourbed dog testers Fizz, Raff and Rolo. If they don’t like a bed, then they don’t sell it!

The new brand designed by Mighty has a confident attitude that offers a quality and practical product and focuses on turning the smelly dog bed into a stylish alternative.onyourbed

Lauren Watson textiles designer

Luxury and fashion are both industries that move fast, but in the past ten years they have probably been moving faster than ever. Luxury is moving from a focus on high value to a desire for true value, with crafted, authentic experiences trumping the more conspicuous excesses of the past.

Lauren Watson’s fabric designs are a direct interpretation of endless combinations of colours, blends and surfaces coming together – the vibrancy of unusual colour combinations; the layer upon layer of naturally occurring textures; the natural mixing, blending and bleeding of shades.

In 2016, Lauren asked Mighty to develop a new identity and CMS website. We focused on the fine detail that is usually overlooked. We highlighted the connoisseurship of every element of the art and brought a new perspective on luxury with crisp copy, clear facts and pin-sharp photographs, to tell the story of the brand through the material itself.


Longest running wine merchant receives a new logo in time for the Rugby World Cup 2015

Last TryLast Try Wines is the longest running wine merchants in Twickenham, West London. With Last Try Wines Mighty needed to communicate its 40 years of combined hospitality management experience in some of London’s busiest pubs, hotels and restaurants and well as being official supplier to the Rugby Football Union.

Trading conditions are quite tough at the moment for many retail businesses but with the Rugby World Cup coming to Twickenham in 2015 the brief was to strengthen those links and reflect the ethos and values of the dedicated Last Try Wines team.

Shaping the future for ALPSP

ALPSPIn 2013 Mighty were commissioned to evolve the brand identity and visual environment for The Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers.

ALPSP was formed in 1972.  Today it is the only international association representing all types of nonprofit publishers, and is the largest trade association for scholarly and professional publishers.